How To Apply Lavender Color With Manic Panic Hair Dye

In this post I want to share with you how to achieve lavender hair color using the Semi-permanent Manic Panic hair dye.

Several months back when I decided to grow out my naturally gray hair I bleached my hair blonde to make the transition easier and less noticeable but I really disliked the blonde because it looked yellow and brassy.
I was always admired the pastel hair color trend and I thought it was good time to have some fun with my hair. I specially like the lavender color because it’s a great complement to gray and silver… And so my experimentation with Manic Panic began.
I chose a semi-permanent color called Manic Panic in the color Ultra Violet. Now, if you apply Ultra Violet straight from the bottle it’s very dark but you can tone down into a lavender. You can mix Manic Panic Mixer/Pastel-izer or an inexpensive hair conditioner. I used Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Conditioner because I can get it in a big container and it’s cheap. I recommend that you don’t use an expensive conditioner for this, it’s a waste of money.

Step By Step Application of Manic Panic Hair Dye:

1. Wash and dry your hair prior to using Manic Panic hair dye.

2. In a plastic bowl mix quarter of a cup Manic Panic to 2 or 3 cups of hair conditioner or Manic Panic Mixer. (You may need more conditioner if you have long hair)

3. Divide your hair into 2 or 3 inch sections to apply color mixture into small areas for even distribution.

4. Apply the Manic panic hair dye mixture using a plastic tint brush, saturating hair from top to bottom.

5. Leave the Manic Panic on for 30 minutes to 45 minutes. If you don’t want your hair to take as much color you can leave the mixture in for less time.

This technique can be used with any Manic Panic hair dye. Experimented a few times to find the right color for you and have fun! If you your hair gets a little darker then you wanted it’s okay it fades with every wash :)

To achieve the color below use a touch of Rock ‘n Roll Red to the Ultra Violet.
Let me know how your beautiful pastel turns out.
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NYX HD Photogenic Concealer Wand Review

I’m not sure how I came across NYX HD Photogenic Concealer Wand but I was on a quest to find a drug store under eye concealer that works in concealing dark circles. Since I ran out of my usual concealer, I wanted to try something new.

I have not heard many people talk about the NYX HD Photogenic Concealer Wand but since I saw the words HD and Photogenic on the package I got curious. I’ve used other NYX products but never skin products and since it was cheaper then my previous concealer I went for it. They have variety of colors like bright yellow, peach and green plus the usual skin tone shades.

I was looking for a basic concealer in my skin tone, I chose the color CW05 Medium which matches my skin tone well. I also wanted to try the bright yellow one too, it looks like it would really brighten up the under eyes. If I do try that I will let you know how it turns out :)

 NYX HD Photogenic Concealer wand
This under eye concealer comes in a wand which makes it easy to apply on small blemishes and imperfections. On application the concealer is light weight with a light to medium coverage that you can build up and it conceals dark circles almost seamlessly. However, it doesn’t do a great job covering acne scars that seem to be a darker color. To cover dark spots you have to reach for something more full coverage.  You might find yourself applying two coats to get enough coverage, personally I don’t like to work too hard to get my concealer to work.


If you have dry skin using this concealer alone without a foundation or under eye cream, might make your under eyes look a little dry. You can apply NYX HD photogenic concealer with fingers or a beauty blender and set with a light power to prevent it from settling in fine lines and wrinkle. Over all this product is okay if you don’t have major dark circle and imperfections. I personally wouldn’t purchase this again.

NYX HD photogenic concealer with mineral powder on top:



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Face Contouring Chart

I used to only put on base foundation, powder and some blush which looked okay. However, my face would look flat in photographs and always thought I needed to add more blush to give some color to my complexion. Face contouring is a great way to give dimension to the face and the illusion of symmetry but I’ve always been too afraid to try it, when I finally did, I found that it’s not as difficult as I once thought.  Like anything, practice makes perfect!

Before you look at the chart I created below for face contouring, figure out your own face shape by using these simple methods. You can do this by standing in front of a mirror looking straight forward. Trace your reflection with a grease pencil or some thing you can wipe off later. You can also take a picture of yourself and then trace over it as well but make sure your camera is directly parallel to your face to avoid distortion of your face.

Matte powder bronzers and cream contours both work great to get the look you desire. Powder bronzers are great for a more subtle look while cream contours can be as dramatic as you please. The color you choose should be at least two shades darker then your skin color depending on the look you’re going for. Remember to build up color slowly and blend, blend, blend…

Face Contouring Chart:

face contouring

Heart Shaped face is wide on the forehead and narrow on the chin which can be balanced by contouring the sides of the forehead and side of the cheeks. You can also highlight the chin area to make it look broader.

Oblong Shaped face is longer in proportion and needs contouring on top of the forehead, near the hear line and below the chin to bring focus to the cheek bones and shorten the face. In addition to the contouring, highlighting the cheekbones and bridge of the nose will bring attention to the center of the face as well.

Oval Shaped face is considered to be an ideal face shape that doesn’t require much contouring. If you have an oval face you can contour below the cheek bones for a slight definition. Oval face needs to be high lighted to bring attention to the center of the eyes. Highlighting blow the eyes, on forehead and chin area are ideal for and oval face.

Round Shaped face is wider on the sides, contouring along side of the face, the temple area, cheeks and jaw line gives the illusion of longer face bringing more attention to center of the face.

Square Shaped face has a wider forehead and jaw line. To slenderize these areas contour along the side of the forehead (the temples) and jaw line give a softer look to the face.

Diamond Shaped face is wider on the cheek area and narrow on the forehead and chin. Contour alone the cheeks to make them look narrow. You can also highlight the center of the forehead and chin to balance the proportion.

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Growing Out Natural Gray Hair

To some people having premature gray hair is like a curse and that’s exactly how I felt about my hair. I remember discovering the first gray hair when I was around 19 years old. By late twenties my dark brown hair turned dramatically gray and I had to dye it every 6 to 8 weeks, I had never imagined myself going gray at such a young age. Over several years of dying my roots, I developed skin irritations, the itching and burning was so severe that I went to several dermatologists to find out why I had this but no one could help me.The skin problems never seemed to go away, I even tried switching to salon quality dyes and changed my shampoos often in search of a cure. Allergies never crossed my mind until I stumbled upon a website recently that talked about allergies associated with PPD (Para-phenylenediamine), a chemical that is used in permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes. To be honest I didn’t do the patch tests every time I dyed my hair because I pretty much used the same brands, I didn’t think I would be allergic to them after all these years. All the symptoms I read about was exactly what I was going through and I know that it had to be allergies.

I came to the conclusion that the best way to deal with this allergy issue was for me to grow my natural gray hair but the thought of giving up my hair dye terrified me. I associated gray hair with being old and I just couldn’t accept that for myself but as I kept searching to find a natural dye, I saw photos of these radiantly beautiful women with naturally gray hair. Seeing them gave me the courage to decide on growing my gray hair.

Here are some women I found online that inspired me to stop dying my hair:


Some suggestions to growing out your gray hair:

If you are thinking about growing out your natural gray hair you have to be patient, specially if you’ve been dying it a dark color. You have some options to make this transition easier. If you have long hair and you wish to keep your length you can do that, there is no need to run to the salon to get short pixie cut, although that would be good look for some people.
1. You can wear hats and head bands until your hair gets to a point where you can cut it. I used hats for a month but since I’m not a hat person I got tired of wearing them I moved on to other options. If you like how you look in a hat they’re fashionable and fun, plus you don’t have to worry about getting your hair done :)
2. You can try covering up your roots with special wax pens and sprays. There are some really nice products out in the market that are designed specifically to cover up roots and they come in array of color. They are great temporary solution and wash right out of your hair when you shampoo.Amazonian clay hair powder
I’ve personally used only a few brands like Bumble and Bumble hair powder spray, Tarte Amazonian Clay hair powder, Roux Tween Time and I should warn you most of the products out there have strong scent with the exception of Tarte which is unscented and less messy.
Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder
**TIP: Remember protect your clothes when you use spray powders and don’t go out sweating when you put on the stick because it will run down your temples and it’s plain embarrassing.
3. You also have the option of highlighting your dark hair to blend with your roots while you patiently wait for you beautiful gray hair to grow out long enough to get a pretty hair cut. For me leaving the house with a hat everyday was driving me crazy and because the roots were so much lighter then the rest of my head I chose to color my hair blonde to save myself from cutting it all off. I know it’s different for everyone, if you have more of a salt and pepper roots maybe going platinum blonde wouldn’t be the best choice.
I chose to have my hair lightened professionally by a salon because I wanted to keep the length of my hair with minimal damage. My original idea was to eventually die my entire head gray but I would have needed to bleach my hair 3 times to achieve that and I honestly just didn’t want to spend that much money. Luckily and to our surprise I only needed to bleach my hair twice to get to the desired shade.
**TIP: If you are thinking about bleaching at home remember that it could be far more damaging to your hair and if you are not used to the process your hair can fall out (yes that actually has happened to me in the past). Also be sure to deep condition your hair regularly to prevent it from breaking.


Bleaching turned my hair blonde with yellow/brassy tones that I truly hated so I ended up experimenting with different toners and shampoos to get the brassiness out my blond hair. I will blog more on that topic in the near future :) I hope this blog post inspires and helps you with your journey.
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Have you thought about growing out your natural gray hair? How did you do it?

Nerium AD Video | How it solved uneven skin texture and discoloration

Nerium AD

Reading “Nerium AD” reviews and looking at before and after pics, I’ve mustered up the courage to share my own results and also my video of what the product has done for me.

My Nerium AD Story

Since my 20’s, I was struggling with my skin and always looking for different ways to help improve my skin texture. I’ve gone through numerous IPL’s and microdermabrasion to try to solve the problem. All these procedures made my skin red and sensitive to the sun. The IPL was so strong that it left my face swollen for weeks. The results were disappointing to say the least. I was spending lots of money on products hoping to find some type of way to reverse what had happened. I was told my last option was to do filler injections but I didn’t want to go that route. Using Nerium AD has made an enormous change in my skin and also in my confidence but that wasn’t my initial feelings with the product. I was highly skeptical when my husband, Eric, had told me about this night cream that would improve uneven skin texture, skin discoloration, enlarged pores, fine lines, wrinkles and aging skin. He was persistent about showing me before and after pics. In my mind, “a night cream? One application to improve skin? Ya right! Super gimmick!” Yup, my thoughts exactly. I’m the person that has spent a lot of money and time on procedures and products for the past 20 years. I did give in on trying Nerium. First couple of weeks I didn’t see a change but my skin felt smoother and brighter. Day 21 is where I saw noticeable difference, a true breakthrough! Little did I know what would happen in 5 months of using the product.

If you’re looking for an alternative to help improve with your uneven skin texture, skin discoloration, enlarged pores, fine lines, wrinkles and aging skin, get Nerium AD here.

This is the alternative you’ve been looking for if you’ve been struggling with your skin. Maryam


P.S. If Nerium AD has helped you I would love to hear your story.

Vitamin Guide for Beautiful Skin

I learned about nutrition and vitamins for skin later in life. In my 20’s I was obsessed with fad diets and taking vitamins was not in my regimen. Since I had started eating the right foods and taking vitamins on regular basis I saw my skin improve, felt more energy and experienced my hair and nails grew faster and healthier. I want to share some foods you can eat that contain the vitamins to help improve your health on the inside and help achieve healthy, beautiful glow on the outside.  Here’s my vitamin guide for beautiful skin.

Vegetables are high in vitamin A that helps repair your skin and help with acne, reduction of lines and wrinkles. Foods that contain vitamin A are vegetables like carrots, peas, spinach, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, broccoli and kale plus most fruits.

Vitamin B helps with skin, hair and nails, which you can find this vitamin in foods like milk, yogurt, eggs and cheese. Your body absorbs vitamin B when you eat beef, chicken, turkey and green leafy vegetables like Kale , spinach, cabbage and fruits like banana, avocado and raspberries. I personally include at lease 2 or 3 of these food with each meal.

vitamin_guide_limeVitamin C is a vitamin you don’t want to miss. Oranges , grapefruits, tomatoes, and pretty much any citrus fruit you get contain vitamin C. It help the production of collagen and helps with skin elasticity. Specially if you are over 35 like I am you want to get plenty of vitamin C to prevent the breakdown of collagen that causes sageness to the skin. No wonder so many skincare products contain vitamin C.

Cottage cheese is one of the snacks I love and it contains a mineral called selenium which works similar to vitamin E which is an antioxidant that helps to build and maintain a healthy skin tissue.

Avocado is a great source of natural fat that has lots of B- complex vitamins. It’s great for irritated, blotchy or red skin but if you are allergic to this creamy delicious fruit like I am, avoid it at all cost.

This one is my favorite since I love seafood. Omerga-3s and Zinc, they can be found in Salmon and Oysters. Zinc helps your old surface skin to shed while helping new cell to regenerate and grow, giving you a youthful luminous skin. Omega-3 fatty acids helps reduce skin redness and inflammation and also helps with circulation.

Ok this list is getting better and better!

Dark Chocolate is a great antioxidant. I’m talking really dark higher then 75% coco, that way it contains less sugar. Apparently dark chocolate increases the blood flow and keeps your skin from sun damage. I didn’t really need a reason to indulge in some dark chocolate.

Vitamin E  I mentioned above that vitamin E is an antioxidant. You can find this essential vitamin that protects your skin from sun damage and free radicals in seeds and nuts. Sunflower seeds dry roasted peanuts, almonds and hazelnuts are a great source of this vitamin. They lock moisture in your skin to prevent it from aging and looking dry.

Remember to keep your body hydrated with plenty of water. Drink at least 8 glasses of water each day to eliminate toxins and to clean out your system.

Do you take vitamins? What’s your favorite vitamin rich foods?

Let us know in the comments!

DIY Ombre Hair

Let the DIY Ombre Hair Begin! I dye my own roots and always stay close to my natural dark brown color. Last time I tried lightening my hair I ran to my hair stylist with my tail between my legs :) so I don’t attempt to highlight my hair anymore until I saw the Loreal Ombré colors kit on TV and I was really curious to see how it would look. Of course it was not a very wise decision to change my hair 3 days before a big conference either but what can I say, when I put my mind to do something it’s hard to change my mind and the DIY ombre hair begins. 

I must have read the instructions 5 time and said a prayer or two before finally mixing the ingredients and getting the courage to put on the first stroke of bleach, but the brush applicator in the kit made it very easy to apply (I don’t have photos of me applying because I was just too nervous to wait between each hair section to take photos).

DIY Ombre Hair After applying the bleach to all the sections I left it on for 25 minutes because my hair was previously highlighted by my stylist I didn’t leave the bleach on longer in the fear that it would go too blond. I was going for a medium/dark blond to dark brown look with a gradual ombré effect.


The final results turned out brassier then I expected, maybe I needed to leave the bleach on my hair for the full 45 minutes (that’s the maximum time you can leave it on). I didn’t like the brassy orange look so I ended up applying a Semi-color medium blond to tone thing down a bit. I’m actually really happy with the final results! It gives my curls more dimension and now I feel like I’m summer ready with my hair.
The ends of my hair looks very dry perhaps because it was highlighted before. I apply a heavy conditioning treatment and apply coconut oil at the ends. Over all the application was easy but a word of caution, if you don’t have healthy hair or you have previously bleached it think twice before trying this.

Have you tried Loreal Ombré kit? Do you have a favorite conditioner or hair treatment? Leave a comment and share your experience.